Feeling the Weight of Winter Blues

Let’s just be honest, it’s more than just a case of the blues. It’s clinical depression and this time of year is the absolute worst for those that suffer. We need the sunshine and warmth. We need a reason to be outside. If I’m going to suffer from depression, I would much rather it be while sweating than while freezing.

What does this have to do with food, you ask? It has everything to do with food, or rather the type of food. It’s the season of comfort foods and a whole lot of carbs.

Personally, I have consumed more soup this winter season than any other time of my life, and I’m not mad about that at all. I love soup. I love how it coats your core like an internal hug. Cream based, broth based, cheesy, spicy, give it all to me. Except cream of mushroom. Yuck.

Unfortunately, my waistline doesn’t appreciate all the casseroles and meals loaded with cheese, the way that my brain does. Don’t even get me started on rewarding myself with sweet treats.

A few nights ago, I told my Sarah that I wanted a bowl of ice cream and she suggested I make smarter choices. I laughed it off, as if she was suggesting I eat a strict diet of only broccoli. However, her words stuck with me as I went to the kitchen to get my frozen snack.

I opened the freezer and immediately closed it. Instead, I opened the fridge and grabbed some grapes, habanero cheddar, and colby jack. I sliced up an apple and made a small fruit and cheese plate, with a little side of peanut butter.

Turns out, it was really good. I mean, it’s not like this was my first time eating fruit and cheese, but it was satisfying and refreshing. Was it better than Reese’s chocolate ice cream with crushed up peanut butter cups? Hell no! But, it was a smarter decision.

My point in all this rambling is, we can do hard things, we can make better choices, and we shouldn’t feel like failures when we slip up and have that piece of cake or a couple cookies. Small changes make big differences.

The best part was the look on my Sarah’s face and her kind words telling me how proud she was of me. Face it, we all need affirmation and that gave me all the boost I needed. Even if it was just sad little fruit plate.

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