The One with the Big Sandwich

As I have stated in many of my ramblings and on this here webpage, I am quite fond of sandwiches. Easily my favorite food. And before we continue, yes, a hotdog is a sandwich. So are wraps and pitas. I would even consider tacos and burritos to be a sort of sandwich.

Sandwiches, like people, come in all shapes and sizes. They are found in every single type of cuisine all over the world. You want a hot meal? Sandwiches. A cold meal? Sandwiches. Italian, Greek, Mexican, German, American? Sandwiches.

Show me any type of food that has more versatility than the sandwich. Go ahead. I’ll wait.

You can’t think of one because it doesn’t exist. That being said, anything you can think of can be slapped between two pieces of bread and made into a delicious handheld meal. Joey Tribbiani knew the value of a sandwich. And Joey doesn’t share food!

My favorite sub used to be a meatball sub. It still is, but it used to be, too. The Reuben is a close second. After a 10-year pilgrimage to find the best Reuben, I have undoubtedly found it at Zingerman’s in Ann Arbor. I’ve stopped searching at this point due to the fact that it cannot possibly get any better. I’ll go over my faves at a later time.

Then there’s the cheeseburger. This could be in a category all by itself. In fact, that’s what I’m making tonight, likely with an entry and pictures to go with it.

On Saturday, it was just me and my little girls, so we decided to all make a giant deli style sub. They’re not quite as adventurous, but they did pretty well and even stepped out of their comfort zones a bit.

As per usual, I went over the top and created yet another masterpiece. This isn’t my ego talking (it’s totally his ego talking), but it was utterly amazing, and I wish all of you could’ve experienced it with me.

Starting with a giant Italian loaf, I sliced it in half lengthwise and dug out some of the innards to create a little well and make the sandwich easier to eat. First up was a schmeer of jalapeno-cilantro-mayo on both pieces of bread.

Next, a layer of cheese to protect the bread. I used a Monterey Jack because I was out of pepperjack. It also melts nicely. Then a layer of salami for some fat content. This comes in handy when you are adding anything spicy or acidic.

Moving on with layers of roast beef, spiced pastrami, and a touch of prosciutto because I happened to have it on hand so why not?!

The second layer of cheese was next, but this time I used a smoked horseradish cheddar, which was absolutely divine. The smoke flavor came through eloquently, but not overpoweringly so. If you’re planning to toast your sammich and melt the cheese, now is the time. Just make sure to do it open faced. 5-10 min is all you need.

Once it was all gooey and melty, I pulled it from the oven and back to the counter to add the cold ingredients/veggies. There was a lot of soft and chewy aspects to the sandwich, so I wanted to make sure I got some crunch in there and a little more spice.

First, a layer of salted tomatoes. Then a touch of raw red onion and matchstick jalapeno slices for a little kick. Admittedly, I forgot to add pickles. It was the one level of flavor I was missing.

All that was left was to add was another condiment and the top half of the sandwich. I wanted some heat and a touch of umami flavor. I knew exactly what to grab. Melinda’s Truffle Hot Sauce. Fairly mild for most pepper-heads, but this stuff is seriously incredible. The truffle flavor really stands out and compliments the sandwich well.

To make this giant sub easier to eat, I wrapped it in parchment paper, and set some heavy weights on top for about 5 minutes. If you have the time, I suggest leaving the weights on top for a few hours. But I was hungry and couldn’t wait that long.

I wouldn’t say this was my best sandwich ever, but it was pretty darn good. Definitely one of the most well-rounded and balanced sandwiches I’ve ever made.

Thanks for following along. Don’t forget to tip your bartenders and get home safely!

Much love,


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