NY Strip/Potato/Broccolini

Just wanted to drop in really quick and say hello and welcome to Ryan Eats Everything. Thank you for your patience as this new page gets up and running. I’m learning as I go.

You likely found your way here because you love food as much as I do. Around here we live to eat, not eat to live. The goal is to build a community of chefs, home cooks, foodies, and general lovers of all types of cuisine.

A good meal doesn’t have to be fancy. I’ve had a roller dog from the gas station at two in the morning, after bar close, that hit the spot better than the beef wellington I had earlier in the night. I’ve had cheeseburgers that blew my mind. Sometimes, a PB&J can feel like you’re eating at a Michelin rated restaurant. It’s all about perspective and what’s going on around you. We’re here to celebrate all of those moments. Not everything you see will be up your alley, but I promise it’ll be a fantastic ride, full of flavor and fun.

Have a look around, drop me a line, and don’t forget to subscribe. I promise not to spam you with anything other than blog entries.

Remember, a happy belly is a happy mind.

The Depressed Chef

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