For those who live to eat…not eat to live.

When I say I eat everything, I really mean everything. This site is dedicated to celebrating all sorts of food from frozen pizzas to beef wellington.

The Idea

To build a community of fellow foodies to share experiences, knowledge, recipes, ideas, and everything else that makes this food adventure so amazing.

In addition, celebrating not just the food, but how it made you feel in that very moment. I’ve had a phenomenal dinner at an expensive steakhouse and a roller dog from the gas station later that night after the bar closed. I honestly can’t tell you which one was better. It’s all about the moment.

The Plan

To utilize social media and this page to give a voice to those that truly love food as a passion and not just as sustenance for survival. Through an email list and sharing, we can grow this community in no time!

The Blog

This is the heart and soul of this entire project. Covering my own experiences, trends, and general foodie news.

Much like Joey, my favorite food is sandwiches. My goal is to put up a new sandwich each week, with step-by-step instructions and pictures. I’m going to need your help in coming up with new ideas.